All teams are encouraged to submit weekly publicity recaps for publishing by the Our Town newspaper. The only way we will accept weekly input is by email using the email form below. When you fill it out according to the guidelines and press the submit button, it will be directly emailed to the publicity coordinator. There is no further need to send a separate email. Please note, this is a courtesy effort by both the Our Town newspaper and OMM. If the guidelines below are not followed, submissions will not be included. We do not have the time or personnel to send incorrect submissions back to the sender – please read through carefully and adhere to the guidelines.

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  •  Submit results by only by email using the Publicity Form. Results must be received by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. Results will be printed in OUR TOWN’s Wednesday edition a week and 3 days after they are submitted.
  •  Comments should be no longer than two sentences. Mentioning three (3) or four (4) players per summary is appropriate.
  •  In the fall when scores are kept, outcomes with greater than a five (5) goal difference will not be published. As standings are not maintained in the Tykes Division, scores of those contests will not be published, but game descriptions will.
  •  Teams are always encouraged to submit game results, all children enjoy seeing their names in the paper and their efforts recognized.
  •  Please remember that what you submit may be changed a bit – the Publicity Coordinator reserves the right to edit any submission and further editing is sometimes necessary at the Our Town office.
  •  Avoid inflammatory or derisive language. For example, phrases such as, “Team A destroyed, demolished, annihilated, etc. Team B” should be avoided, and the words will be modified. Continued submission of inappropriate descriptions may result in barring your team recaps going forward.
  •  Please try to mention every player on the team during the season. Keep track of how many times each player is mentioned. This is very important to most children and families.
  •  COMPLAINTS OR CRITICISM SHOULD NOT EVER BE DIRECTED AT OUR TOWN AND OUR TOWN SHOULD NOT BE CONTACTED. Our Town gives up a fair amount of valuable advertising space to run our publicity recaps. Any concerns, suggestions or constructive criticism can be referred to OMM by calling the league line (398-1900) or e-mailing to the publicity address.