OMM-Main-LogoAs an involved member of the Orangetown Community, OMM (OMM Recreational Soccer, Buddyball Sports, and World Class F.C. Travel Soccer) is proud of its record of community support and involvement, as well as all of our philanthropic efforts.

Directly impacting families of those who participate:

  • OMM offers assistance to families in need, working to ensure that those who want to participate but have financial issues can do so.
  • When needed, OMM also offers support to those who participate outside of ensuring they can register and play. For example in 2012 when one of our youth referee’s father was killed when a tree fell on their home during Superstorm Sandy, OMM immediately changed their scheduled fundraiser to help pay for their first turf field, into a benefit for the family. With less than two week’s turn around before the event, OMM spread the word of the change in  what the benefit was for, reached out to the community and the participants in all three of their programs, and ended up being able to present the family with a check for more than $20,000.
  • OMM funds a scholarship to a graduating Rockland students whose experience participating in their program has impacted their life in a positive way.

Assisting others in our local community:

  • Each fall OMM runs a Thanksgiving food drive to help stock the food pantry at People to People.
  • OMM Soccer was a charter supporter of the Orangetown Relay for Life effort and was actively involved for all the years that the event was held.
  • OMM Soccer supports the Blauvelt/Orangeburg Seniors Club and hosts their weekly meetings.
  • OMM supports the Lourdes Kids of Rockland which works to send a local child with special needs and a youth volunteer, to Lourdes France each ball donation
  • Each December OMM annually donates new soccer balls to People to People for them to include in their “Project Joy!” effort to ensure children from local needy families will receive a holiday gift they hoped for. In 2015 OMM donated 100 new soccer balls.

Assisting others outside our community:

  • Each fall OMM is a participant in Go4theGoal which supports the fight against Pediatric cancer and assists families whose children are facing a diagnosis of Pediatric cancer. In 2015 OMM sent a donation of more than $5000.
  • Throughout the year OMM hosts blood drives for the New York Blood Center.
  • OMM works to help children in other communities be able to enjoy the game of soccer and donates soccer equipment to: US Soccer’s Passback program, The Favela Project, Change A Life Uganda, Challenged, and the US Army.

DSCN12982013 Food Drive