Detailed information for Coaches can be found under both the Spring and Fall program pages when you then access the Coaches link. Following is a summary of the responsibilities for all coaches, regardless of the season of play. If you have any questions please email


• Instruct the children on your team – and in our league – the game of soccer in a fun, supportive, safe and positive environment that stresses good sportsmanship, with fun and a role for all.

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• Complete the mandated Background check.

• Attend the major coaches and league meetings (pre-season coaches meeting, orientation session for first time coaches, and award cermonies if applicable.)

• Run practices (we recommend 10 pre-season practices for the fall and a minimum of 1 practice a week for 6 weeks during the season for all levels except Tykes and Seniors. Tykes should meet once or twice pre-season but no pre-season practices are allowed, Seniors may need less practices)

• Select and attend one of the coaches training sessions provided by the league

• Run games

• Be responsive to the league communication (via Referees, Referee Field Coordinators, Division Coordinators, etc.)

• Provide feedback and player ratings at end of the season

• Maintain a positive environment for you team and others in the league!