OMM’s Kiddie Kickers Program was created to introduce young children to the game of soccer in a relaxed and enjoyable format.

Our Kiddie Kickers program follows a clinic format- there are no practices or competitive games – the only games are the ones the children play as they work on their skills. Each of the sessions will last 50 minutes. Children are grouped by age and parents can chose to have their child play or either Saturday or Sunday as long as they complete registration four weeks before opening day. Children registering after that date may still be able to be placed in a preferred day of play if there is space in their age group.

  • Who: Any and all children ages who will be  3 & 4 by 12/31 (fall) or 4 or 5 by 12/31 (spring).
  • When: Each session runs for eight weeks.
  • Where: Sessions will be held on either Saturday or Sunday mornings. If you have a preference to the day your child will participate, please note it in the comments area and also respond to the survey we will send out four weeks before the start of the season.

WITHDRAWAL FROM KIDDIE KICKERS: Because of the young age of our Kiddie Kicker participants, players who find they are not ready for a group/team experience can withdraw after the first session and a $125 credit will be issued for registration in the next season. Please note that the league must be notified of the withdrawal before the second session and the credit must be used by the same child in the subsequent season (for fall, it would be our spring program).